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you are so beautiful

loooolllllll ye heck right trust me im a goofy looking person lmaoo anon.

U.N. officials say they avoid the term in public to avoid stirring tensions between the country’s Buddhists and Muslims. And after Secretary of State John Kerry recently met with Myanmar leaders, a senior State Department official told reporters the U.S. thinks the name issue should be “set aside.”

http://news.yahoo.com/name-muslim-group-myanmar-goes-unspoken-041138059.html read article on oppression in burma. a thousand times worse that filisteen or syria. no humanitarian aid, no identity, nothing, nothing, nothing. 

while half the word is being brutally murdered, australian morning news is talking about enforcing rules on sexting

the world is scary

arghhh i am having male problems

so i finished three hours of study and i realised i had to pray and wanted to eat and catch the train home.

so i bought myself sushi, and sat down in the university food court, sat down on a big table, and began eating myself.

then a few of my friends walked, sat and ate with me, and left for their lectures, i was still sitting, still eating until i noticed hussein

now i think ive told you all about him, he never leaves me alone once he sees me, i am not lying, i was oraying to god he wouldnt notice me, mind you im sitting in the centre of the foodcourt on a table for 12 easily noticed

and he is like rima! and asks if he sits next to me, before i had time to reply, he sat down and offered me some of his food

then i finished my food, and i waited for him to finish so he could leave and i really wanted to sit by myself and so some work on laptop

he never left me. half an hour went past. we catch the same train home, and i walked up saying i had to go, i thought he would sit down, and instead he walked by my side, and i really wanted to tell him you are a muslim guy too i cant be sitting just with you, i don’t care if another friend is here, i realised that he would stand next to me until i left my train stop back near home

and told him sorry gtg pray asr and walked away fastly

it was annoying cause when i told him bye i was going, he walked up me and there i had walked into a group of muslim guys and it looked very bad from how close hussein was to me

i don’t mind having male friends, but it’s not like i want to sit alone with them, i talk to them in a group, or if it is about work, other than that, no. hussein never leaves me alone, and it is becoming very very very annoying.

sarah does not like him because he is shia, sarah is one of those firm stand by ahlul sunnah wal jama’ah, she tolerates, but she doesn’t approve me making friends of other sects, ive tried to ease it abit, at the end of the day i love sarah.

so when i told her about hussein, seh told me to tell him off and go away from him, i don’t know man.

last week walking to the train station in the city from uni, i walked into a group of my friends, all being non muslim, and they were taking different routes, an aussie guy came up and started talking to me, i had in my hands palestine posters, it was 7pm so it was waaay past isha, and he did not leave me we took the same train, i am going to cry everyone, the other day i was sitting by myself and this guy who is my friends boyfriend sat next to me and started talking, and ahhh man this is very annoying, i don’t like it when this happens

and then the other guy jafar who i feel his stare when we are in the same lecture, i am leaving my lectures early so he does not approach me. wallahi this i cant do it anymore.

and you know what YOU KNOW WHAT, last week i was walking inside my lecture theatre with my friend and a guy said something to me and i turned and he laughed and i didnt say anything then he said something and i looked again and he was like “i like your scarf by the way” winks and i just … D:

what do i do. i feel like a bad person, i dont approach these guys or even talk to them  they talk to me.


I haven’t read fiction in such a loooonnnng time. This is such a good read. The last book was probably one by khaled hosseini last year.

anotheraldin ive read a few articles.sayin that they had funded Isis from before. there was one on aljazeera more than a month ago where sisi was condemning US for helping them and that they may threat egypt (irony at its finest).

allah knows best and i hope this … settles ..



Khaled Meshaal: ‘Not a war of choice’





foreign aid and philanthropy 

This Is So Deep

damn, it is tho


this has been happening for almost a millennia,  from the fall of seville, to the european hunting down future slaves from coasts, to now, to this very moment. kill a people, kill their history. mum was telling me right now, maybe god didn’t grant their land the greatest of seasons, but every land has a greatness to them, the african continent is full of gold and diamonds, what happened to sudan decades ago? they were living fine and then bam infijaar, what is  happening to mali ?? scholars would come to their kingdoms only to realise that the level of intelligence was far too great and would study prerequisites in spain or baghdaad. the continent was a centre of world trade, one coast, to the other. 

learn our history, these whites pay and brainwash our people so we fall. remember, the only time we lost in history was when our people betrayed us. we have to create an honest, trustworthy, intellectual society so in the future we dont do this, our brothers dont do this, thats why it starts with us. allah knows best.

so sad. so sad. :(


i want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view