things you shouldn’t do

1. lay down on stomach after eating

2. dont eat dinner after 7pm

things i just did

had dinner at quarter passed midnight and im laying on my stomach


Do u ever wanna punch urself in the face for procrastinating and ruining ur life

alright, i should’ve done this at the beginning of the year, or the half-year transfers, but im going to add a degree, and do a medical science and engineering degree next year, still confused as to what i want to focus on, but either mechatronics or chemical, inshallah that way ill be exempted from a few medical science subjects i’ve completed this year.




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in the name of god the most merciful, the most kind, i seek in refuge and protection in you only, i trust only you, and i ask for you to help us.

after the media overexaggerated the muslim raids and terror threats, there are now Qur’aans ripped, cars graffitied cussing muslims.

to this extent, فَصَبْرٌ جَمِيلٌ ۖ وَاللَّهُ الْمُسْتَعَانُ ….  

is this not terrorism Mr Abbott!!! don’t forget hate speech and threatening is a form of terrorism!!


last night at work, the shop was quiet and i looked up at the television and off course, the news was about terrorism in the western suburbs, i muttered to myself and my vietnamese co-worker was like whats wrong, i told her it is so stupid what they are doing, what isis is doing, from the beheadings to the control, to the strict rules, how it is nothing to do with islaam.

then she said yes it’s americas fault, and told me when the americans went to vietnam they would dig deep wells and chuck the people inside it, they would place them under high voltage light, interrogate them and not let them rest or sleep for 3-4 days

she tells me about the ongoing horrific consequences of agent orange and the mutated villagers. i felt so selfish i couldn’t remember the last time i even thought of hiroshima let alone vietnam 

pixiec0re said :
'the government extrinsically fears that there are people in the community who are pro-ISIS, although nothing of my knowledge has yet occurred' what about the Isis members found in a Muslim community? did that not occur? get better knowledge you fucking idiot police aren't attacking and arresting you, they're searching Muslim communities and they have the right to. anyone against the search is a fucking idiot, like yourself. you can't ignore that Isis members were found in Muslim communities!

Hey …  pixiec0re lol, im not going to answer any questions about this,  but I want to say thank you for your care about the stability of the Australian government and communities here in sydney, but with no offence intended, do not believe everything the media says.

haha, did you notice the dramatic music, the black and dim photos, for the past 3 weeks everything on the news has been about terrorism terrorism terrorism, i bloody live here girl!!! i live in the western suburbs!! police all over the western suburb train stations!! identity is not a crime!!! that’s what the media wants.

You don’t know how everything is planned, there is a lot of time spent meticulously planning laws, I suppose you are not Muslim yourself, after the Muslim raids on Thursday, more people were terrified, “are they going to attack my mother because she is scarfed”, “my father works late security shifts in an area with not many muslims and has a beard”, one of my other friends said to me “if I did not know you, I would’ve thought all you Muslims were like that”, what was the media doing in the western suburbs at this time of the night, not only to condemn, but to condescend and marginalize all Muslims from the Australian community, even though governments before him, have gave “Australian of the year” awards to many Muslims from the past, Abbott doesn’t seem to like the Muslim communities.

Next weeks counter terrorism laws involve police to secretly monitor your home, and are likely to be passed on in parliament…

 "The government’s $630m counter-terrorism package gives Asio new powers to carry out surveillance on multiple computers, including whole networks; allows Asio agents (as well as police) to use force in operations; allows more coordination between spy agencies; and creates significantly tougher penalties for the disclosure of intelligence material. "

Yes there are people in Sydney who are pro-Isis, actually, there are all around the globe, just as there are people who are still racist, did you hear about how the Abbott government is going to destroy indigenous heritage communities? and yes the government does have a right to apprehend those who threaten the country, but don’t you suppose the reaction was exaggerated, why the militant trucks, what were the media doing in the western suburbs at 4am, the intention was to humiliate muslims, why is Abbott saying “sunni this” and “sunni that” is this not the same western suburbs that the government has deprived them of certain groceries, lack of funding for schools, the only thing the government has done for the western suburbs is humiliate them again and again and again, and the amount of muslims we have here in medical schools, in engineering schools, in the law,  who have fought through discrimination, job deterrences, and you want to describe it as a hub of terrorism..

“One of the Muslim members posted this recently “ What would happen if Australia had a suicide bombing with people killed and injured, including police officers? Picture the outrage if a guy with a beard wore an explosive vest into a hospital! What if maps were found potentially identifying Central Station as a bombing target? Or if a huge stockpile of over 50kgs of explosives was found, including liquid explosives and also the type that was used in the London bombings? Imagine there were car bomb attacks happening too.

Wait, that’s all happened before. Yes, all of that has happened here in Australia.

In Pullenvale, Brisbane earlier this year the stockpile was found. Central Station was mapped out as a possible target. The same person had previously used explosives to blow up a car in Newcastle and may have been targeting a Newcastle train station too.

In Derrinalum, Victoria earlier this year Glenn Sanders appears to have detonated an explosives vest that killed him and injured police officers. He flattened the property he was on and had other explosives on site too. The explosion could be felt from kilometres away and it took three weeks to clear the site in an “unprecedented” operation. He used to wear an explosives vest into a hospital too!

Don’t worry though, these weren’t national security concerns. There was no need to pass new laws or raise the terror threat level. No community was targeted because of these cases and no hysterical atmosphere of tension was carefully cultivated.

But a Muslim can become a terrorist threat if he has a book, a sim card or even just an opinion.”

Why did the news suddenly attacked muslims and everything is about how muslims are a threat, what about the Zionists in australia”

This is no apology, and I am not defending for anyone, I am merely saying the truth, if there is anybody that is pro-ISIS and is stirring tension in the community, don’t attack their wife while she is in bed, uncovered, unscarved, dressed as how any lady would dress for her husband. My friend works for one of the government radios in the northern suburbs, and she walked into her work to receive stares and pauses of “you should not say anything cause you’re the threat here”

The only terror recognized was that in the eyes of all muslims who look like a threat to humanity, the nasty comments, the stares, friends not talking to you, losing sporting careers, the list goes on.

one of sydneys solicitors:

 The barrister of the accused that was charged with terrorism related offences clearly said in court the only evidence is one telephone intercept - no armour, no weaponry and no machinery!! The media and our politicians have already determined the guilt of not only this accused but the 500k of other Muslims in Australia.

Thank you for sending me this message, I wish you read more, and was more aware of what my Muslim community goes through. Also, I’m not a ‘f***ing idiot’, I just want to make that clear, lol.

captioned by Hanan Dover, one of the muslim victims of sydneys raids.

When Muslims want to engage the media regarding the police-raids, please tattoo this picture into your consciousness and let the memory of this picture be strengthened in the neural circuitry of your brains before responding. This victim of police brutality, his name is Maywand Osman, so remember it. 
I have yet to read a press-release or media response condemning police brutality. We have had our unfair share of condemning our own in the public for so many years, yet silence was adopted when we have to condemn those that have found an unjust reason to harm us, with the implicit and explicit Muslim spokesperson(s) support. 
"One officer grabbed me by the hair and said ‘you piece of shit’. While they were beating me I heard one officer say ‘just don’t make him bleed’.
"They then went inside my house to conduct a search. They found nothing in my house and I was not under arrest or in custody at any point in time."
A statement released by Mr Osman’s solicitor said: “My client was brutally attacked by four police officers this morning without provocation.”
"He sustained injuries to the face and head. He was escorted to hospital by ambulance."

u know what i dont get, nobody is saying theyre with isis, but what about the zionist govt overseas? what about those here?? what about those who thrived and encouraged the onslaught of the palestinians even when the UN schools were bombed, and … what was the point of all that, it came to an end where even the Israeli govt had no idea why it started attacking Gazans in the first place, were they not a threat here?? how about the news segments that were devoted to “australian zionists going to fight overseas” during the 51 day attack on Gaza?  the viral attacks, the islamaphobic posters all over the universities, that was not a threat to any of the minorities here mr Abbott?? 

photos from the protest in response to the muslim raids that took place yesterday early morning in sydney

Anonymous said :
I bet that self absorbed guys name is Mohammed

nice try but no lol!! 

everyone i know this is sudden seriousness but i dont know if i should delete tumblr, today met a girl on the train who knew me cause she follows me on tumblr lol!!! lol

i have 2k+ followers, should i delete and make a new account, because there are questions in my inbox inquiring what highschool i graduated from or what univeristy i study at and “do you know so and so” and i dont want to answer those questions cause


i dont know

v self conflicted about it

also have a feeling that the guy i like doesnt look at me cause anything but probably follows me on tumblr and thinking that weird girl


i should delete then, too many people yeah??